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Here we will post how things are going for you in your new venture as an Iris Fashion Jewelry Consultant. Maybe include some ideas you had for promoting your Jewelry and increasing your sales.

Email us your comments and we will add them to this blog.

01-31-19 This is amazing. I've had 3 customers tell me in the last 48 hours that they are glad I got away from "the other company" because the quality of the jewelry had gone down. In 4 days I went from 113 pieces of Iris down to 26 pieces with only 2 lives. Renea T.     Oklahoma

02-04-19 WOW WOW WOW....I Love Iris Jewelry so much. It has blessed my family in so many ways. I highly recommend you take the leap of faith!!! I've made so much money in the last month. It's a great opportunity and there are no uplines to worry about, you work your business and get great results. You're not alone they are always there to help you. I love love love this jewelry!!!  Robyn R.   Texas

02-09-19 I just want to say how awesome the jewelry is. My customers ABSOLUTELY love it. I can't keep my jewelry on the racks..Keep the amazing jems coming... Thank you and can't wait to see the new items everyday.  Angela M.   Wisconsin 

02-19-19 My name is Shawna Z. I started on 1-29-19 I have done 4 lives since I signed up. It was slow at first and tonight I did a SOLD OUT live, My first time ever. I love my new adventure & I love Iris Fashion Jewelry, I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you Iris for changing my life. Shawna Z.  Washington

03-10-19 I'm so happy that I left the other company and came here, it's such a blessing and I can't believe I did that well on my first live, it's only going to get better from here. I really am looking forward to having a long journey permanently selling Iris Jewelry.  Casey S.   Florida




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