Iris Fashion Jewelry Terms And Conditions

Iris Consultants

    • Anyone may join as an Iris consultant (If there is an opening in their area) by purchasing one of our sample kits and obtaining a consultant code to receive their discount & credit for online sales to customers. There is no monthly fee to join and no minimums are required, however any account that has no activity for a period of 4 months or more is considered inactive and will be closed and removed from the commission and bonus program. At this point the Consultant will lose all claim, rights, and privileges associated with the former position or account. If at any point a terminated Consultant wishes to re-engage as an Iris Consultant they may reapply and, pending approval, may be re-enrolled into the organization. 
    • We do allow that you sell other products just not on the same live as Iris or the same page or any other way that you list & show Iris products. (This does not apply to the Iris Elite Consultants) 
      However if you choose to sell other lines of jewelry we can not protect your area, we are exclusive to the consultants that are exclusive to us.
    • You may not represent yourself as an employee, principal/owner or officer of the company.
    • Sales tax will be handled by us if you are using the option where we do the shipping for you. Otherwise if you are buying to sell at your own location the sales tax is your responsibility.
    • Iris fashion Jewelry will issue you a 1099 on the earnings you have made from online commissions if it is over $600.00 if you do not have commissions over $600.00 you will not receive a 1099. As an Independent consultant you are responsible to pay any taxes (sales or income) on the earnings you have made.
    • Consultants are responsible for compliance with their local, state and federal laws.

Description Terminology

    • We make no guarantee as to the value of any item. Unless otherwise noted, all items are fashion (also known as costume) jewelry, they are not "real" gold or "real" silver although those words may be used to indicate color and not material. In the description if an item is genuine gold, silver, gemstone, diamond, etc. it will be indicated as such.
    • All items are lead-free and nickel-free.


    • We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. 


    • We charge a flat fee of $3.50 shipping on orders under $25.00 and orders over $25.00 (your cost) are shipped free. We do not charge a handling fee or any other hidden fees.
    • We usually ship within 2 business days through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) with tracking. After processing you will receive a notice by email with the tracking number.

Out of Stock

    • In the event an item is out of stock when you order, we will issue you a refund and will ship the balance of your order.