How to become a consultant

If you would like to become an Iris Fashion Jewelry Consultant go to the category section on this home page and purchase your kit. then you will need to create a consultant ID # 

To do this you take the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your last name and then choose a four digit pin number (something easy for you to remember) Send us an email at                          Include your name & phone# and the four digit pin you chose (example AB1234) also tell us the email address you use for your paypal or cash app account so we can send your online sales commissions to you.

Once we have added you to the system as a consultant we will notify you and then you will be able to purchase at the wholesale prices .

You need to create an account for this site when you buy your kit (button is on the top right of the home page) Then go to the main site and set up an account there as well with the same information. There is a link button at the bottom of both sites to allow you to go back and forth from each site.