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Thank you for your interest in Iris Fashion Jewelry. We are taking a new approach to selling jewelry. Unlike “other” companies that want you to earn points and titles We want you to earn MONEY
Our focus is on making YOU succeed and making things easier for YOU 
You simply promote our jewelry, Whether it is at a home party, A Facebook live, or over coffee with some friends. You will have access to everything we offer
which right now is around 10 Thousand items and growing every day.

We take care of the credit card transaction or invoicing. (we also pay all the fee’s) We take care of the sales tax. and here’s a big one.... WE TAKE CARE OF THE SHIPPING.
No more rushing to get orders out, trips to the post office and the expense of 
packing & shipping supplies.... not to mention your time.
And if that wasn't enough.... With only a $25 minimum order

You receive a 40% commission for online sales and 45% discount on items you buy direct from the site.

We offer a 36 piece starter kit for $99.00 or a 85 piece kit for $199.00 including FREE U.S. Shipping.


Once you buy your consultant kit we do not require that you keep buying product every month, Just buy as you want to. We do however require that you place an order on either of our sites at least once every 3 months to remain active. (there is no minimum amount)

We protect our consultants and do not place too many in one given area.

If you would like to become an Iris Fashion Jewelry Consultant send us an email with the following information. 

1) Your name and address.

2) Your phone#

3) How you will be selling and promoting Iris products (Facebook live, Home parties, etc.) 

4) Will you be selling other products besides Iris? (If so include the names of the other lines)

5) How you heard about us.

We do allow that you sell other products just not on the same live as Iris or the same page or any other way that you list & show Iris products.
However if you choose to sell other products we can not protect your area, we are exclusive to the consultants that are exclusive to us.

Click the link below to Email your information


After we review your information we will contact you to let you know if there is an opening in your area. 



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